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Anesthetic services in Tata Medical Center cover a comprehensive range of surgical and intensive care requirements. The hospital has the state of the art in terms of monitoring during the induced sleep period of surgery consisting of advanced and functional hemodynamic monitoring and instant digital readouts of the depth of sleep and awareness. TMC also has continuous measurement of the pumping functions of the heart during major and complicated surgeries. A Fast flow fluid warmer and Equator will prevent hypothermia. Video-laryngoscopy will aid in the management of life-threatening airway emergencies. Anesthesia workstations in the OTs will be integrated with the Hospital Information System.

Postoperative pain scoring will be closely monitored according to JCAHO recommendations. Pain monitoring and management will continue for patients on follow-up.

A fully equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU) suite is available with 5 individual rooms for patients featuring the most modern hemodynamic and functional monitoring system, ventilators with auto-wean features and point of care ultrasound. A High Dependency Unit (HDU)  with 15 beds is a step-down facility from the ICU catering to patients who require intense monitoring before transfer to their rooms.

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