Dr. Rizwan is a transfusion medicine specialist working with the Bone marrow transplant team at TATA Medical Center, Kolkata. His work involves hematopoietic stem cell collection (apheresis) and cell processing. He ensures safety of donors and the haematopoietic stem cell product. As the department’s Quality manager for FACT accreditation, he is actively working to develop protocols, policies and SOPs in compliance with FACT standards

After his M.B.B.S, M.D and fellowship in India , he successfully completed one-year Masters in transfusion and transplantation sciences at the NHS Blood and Transplant, which is also home to International Blood Group Reference laboratory (IBGRL). His training in UK has broadened his understanding of scientific research and its clinical applications. He aspires to contribute to the management of cancer patients with his expertise. He is interested in the laboratory techniques involved in manufacturing of CAR-T cells

In his previous position as a fellow in transfusion medicine in India, he has acquired experience in the counselling and testing of prospective blood donors, managing the platelet apheresis service, overseeing blood product stock and supply and responding to special requests for cellular products such as granulocyte concentrates. He has experience in immune haematology work-up, peripheral blood stem cell collection and cell cryopreservation. In the course of his work, he has carried out clinical audits and published some of his findings in peer-reviewed journals.