Frequently asked questions

It is important for patients to understand why the Biobank is needed and what will happen to their samples before any donations take place.

Below are some common questions and answers, which provide a better understanding of patient involvement.

The Tata Medical Center Biorepository (TiMBR) is a resource for researchers, who are addressing different question on the disease of cancer. It is a collection of biological samples and some clinical information used in the advance of cancer research.

Patients who have cancer (cases) and those who do not have cancer (controls) can participate in TiMBR.

Participation in the Biobank is voluntary. You can also withdraw your consent at anytime by contacting TiMBR and requesting your samples and associated data to be destroyed. Your decision not to participate in TiMBR will not affect your relationship with TMC, or any medical care you receive now or in the future.

If you agree to participate we collect: • A small portion of tissue sample from your already removed specimens during your surgery or biopsy. • A blood and/or bone marrow. This will be taken during your routine blood collection for other investigations. • We may ask for a spit sample in certain types of cancer. We will also ask access for information regarding medical records and diagnosis. These may include the following: • Pathology records. • Some demographic data • We will ask you complete an epidemiologic questionnaire.

Your samples will be stored in TiMBR until they are required for research purpose. Future research will aim at exploring different aspects of cancer. Any research proposal requesting access to your samples and associated clinical data will be considered only if it is approved by the TMC Institutional Review Board.

TiMBR will protect your privacy. The scientists accessing your samples will recive only anonymous clinical information. Your samples will be given a unique code which will maintain your confidentiality. Only Biobank Manager and the consenting clinical team will have access to your identifiable data. Your personal identity will not be disclosed to anyone outside TiMBR.

You will not receive money or other compensation or remuneration for your donating your samples to TiMBR. Likewise, the Biobank will not charge you any money for donating your samples.

It may happen that the research involving the use of your samples may develop treatments and or technology which are commercially viable. In such a case you will not able to claim any financial benefits from the findings arising from the use of your samples.

You will not be contacted when your samples are used. You may obtain information regarding the research studies conducted on the samples from TiMBR in an annual report published in the TiMBR website.

There is no physical risk in collecting tissue for TiMBR beyond risk already involved in your operation. The collection of blood also will not have any risk, but occasionally minor bruising may occur.

Please contact the Biobank team at or call at 033 66057091/7368 Biobank representatives will be happy to answer any of your queries. To download Patients Information Brochure please click here.

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