TiMBR collects the following samples from a donor with solid tumour undergoing surgery at TMC.

  • • 20 ml of Blood sample- 10 ml for plasma and serum each
  • • Fresh frozen tumour tissue
  • • Fresh frozen normal tissue
  • • Formalin fixed paraffin embedded tumour tissue
  • • Formalin fixed paraffin embedded Normal tissue

For donors with blood cancer bone marrow and/or blood are collected during their routine tests at TMC. These types of patients usually donate samples at multiple time points during their treatment at TMC.

Donors are mostly identified during MDT in some cases in the OPD by the clinical team. Consent is obtained by the clinical team in the OPD or Ward. Blood and Tissue samples are collected in the OT from solid tumour donors. For Leukaemia donors it is collected during their routine tests. Samples are sent over to the lab where the biobank technicians process and store the samples.

TiMBR has been ethically approved by the Institutional Review Board as a Research Biospecimen Bank (Ref. No: EC/TMC/13/13). All secondary research projects will require IRB approval to use the banked samples.

The TATA trust has provided core funding for the biobank. This includes laboratory infrastructure, liquid nitrogen tanks, freezers, the LabVantage® biobanking software and necessary computer hardware and consumables for banking 1200 specimens a year. TTCRC is in a process of setting up research facilities with latest informatics database systems, molecular biology techniques and cellular imaging technologies. The biobank will play a pivotal role in connecting the research facility and the clinical trials unit.

TMC/TTCRC researchers wanting to use samples from the Biobank may first make an expression of interest to the Biobank via phone or email. This may be to find out whether the types of samples required are already in the bank and if not, how long it would take for the bank to collect these samples. This will not be part of any pre-application but just an informal enquiry. Potential applicants will also find out about charges for samples at this point.

Who can access Samples?

  • • TMC/TTCRC Internal members- TTCRC researchers and TMC clinicians
  • • External groups (Commercial & Academic) collaborating with TMC/TTCRC internal members.

For detailed sample access policies please click here

We have "DIY" cost calculation sheet which you can fill up yourself and get a cost estimate for the biobank service you require. To download the excel sheet please click here

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