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Tata Medical Center

The imaging services at TMC cover a wide range of radiological tests and nuclear medicine tests that are appropriate for cancer. This is one of the few hospitals in India to offer essentially filmless services, by making all scans available digitally over the hospital network using a ‘Picture Archival and Communication System’ (PACS).  This reduces costs for the patient, enables a patient-specific archive to compare scans over time and removes the need to carry bulky sets of films. It also enables Tele-radiology by making scans available digitally to another location over a network or the internet for communication among specialist doctors.

The following services will be available:

  • Conventional Radiography
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Mammography
  • Ultrasonography with Color Doppler
  • CT Scan
  • MRI Scan
  • 64 slice PET-CT Scan
  • SPECT-CT Scan

These facilities, accompanied by a highly trained staff, cover comprehensive imaging for all oncological indications, including diagnosis, staging, treatment response assessment and monitoring. This hospital is one of the few centers in eastern India to offer PET-CT for biological imaging. PET-CT provides information beyond what is provided by conventional imaging modalities by identifying biologically active cancer cells in several types of cancers.


You Can Help

75% of the hospital beds have been earmarked for the underprivileged. They receive greatly subsidized care. You can help us make a difference too.