Dear Colleagues,

We take the pleasure to invite you to join (Skills course-2) 2-day course on ‘Research methodology, statistics and evaluating evidence’ on 25th – 26th August 2018 in Tata Medical Center Kolkata.

This course in primarily targeted at clinicians working in various sub-specialties of oncology who may or may not be actively involved in research. Given the large amount of research evidence that needs to be assimilated by clinicians, we want young doctors to be able to make sense of the information and judge the quality and applicability of the recent evidence base to their own practice. Some of the statistical topics that will be covered on first day are diagnostic accuracy testing, univariate analysis, bivariate analysis, logistic regression and survival analysis. On the backbone of understanding of the above, on the second day, we would like to cover introduction to case-control studies, cohort studies, randomized control trials and meta-analysis.

We look forward to welcome you to our program Skills course 2 (Biostatistics and Clinical Research Methodology).

Best Wishes.

Dr. Sanjit K Agrawal / Dr. Soumitra S Datta
Dept. of Breast Surgery & Palliative care and psycho-Oncology

Tata Medical Center,
14 MAR(EW) Newtown,
Kolkata - 700160

Board Room Admin building 3rd floor)
Tata Medical Center,
14 MAR(EW) Newtown,
Kolkata - 700160

The feedback from the participants of  the “2017 Skills Course 1: Research methodology, 
statistics and evaluating  evidence” showed that 92% of the participants felt that they 
learned new things  and 84% percent felt the teaching methods were good. 

There were some of the feedbacks we  received: 
‘Well organized course’ ‘excellent  speakers’, 
‘I liked the quality and lucidity of  presentations’ The concepts were taught in a very 
dynamic way to make them  very simple.’ 
‘Sessions were interactive’.


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