Why we need to immunise adults:

Globally, the number of individuals aged 65 years was more than those aged <5 years in 2018. Furthermore, by 2050, there would be 2 individuals 65 years of age for every child aged <5 years.

Presence of one or more comorbid conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases (heart failure, chronic heart disease and stroke), pulmonary disorders (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma), diabetes mellitus, and chronic kidney disease, renders adults more vulnerable to infectious diseases. More than 95% of vaccine preventable diseases (VPD) -associated deaths have been reported in adults in India, with deaths due to infectious diseases exceeding those caused by non-communicable diseases. A study demonstrated that both influenza and pneumococcal vaccines can cause up to a 50% reduction in heart attacks. Similarly, Herpes zoster is associated with an increased risk of stroke, which can be evaded through effective vaccination.

Keeping all these in mind Tata Medical Center Kolkata has started the city’s 1st adult immunisation clinic, in its Infectious Diseases OPD, exclusively for cancer patients and their relatives. Immunisation advice is given and vaccine is administered from Monday- Friday between 2 and 4pm.