Transfusion Medicine

About the Dept:

Tata Medical Center (TMC) being one of the leading cancer hospitals in India, is one of the best Blood Centre in the country with the state-of-the-art facilities. The Blood Centre is operational since 2011, provides quality blood products at government approved charges. This is one of the few NABH accredited Blood Centers in the country and hence high quality standards are practiced at all times. At our center, the transfusion services are an integral component of treatment and management of cancer patients. The Blood Centre provides quality blood products to patients by using most advanced technology for blood collection, processing and testing.

Facilities available:

  • Entire process of blood collection, processing, testing and issue is undertaken using computerized HMS software to ensure error free collection and processing.
  • All blood units are tested by highly sensitive testing protocols for infection markers. This ensures that only safe blood components are transfused.
  • Selective leuco-reduction facilities are also available.
  • To ensure efficiency and reduce the turn-around-time, blood components are transported through the Pneumatic tube system.
  • The department staff also participates in peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) collection and provides special transfusion support to bone marrow transplant patients.
  • The department has a blood irradiator (BRIT) to modify the blood components and render them suitable for cancer and bone marrow transplant patients (immuno-compromised).
  • To meet the needs of multi-transfused cancer patients, in-house voluntary blood donation services are also offered.  A voluntary donor registry and a rare blood group registry are maintained to facilitate availability of blood donors as and when required.
  • The department has facilities to provide:
    1. Packed RBCs
    2. FFP
    3. Cryoprecipitate
    4. Random donor platelets
    5. Single donor apheresis platelets
    6. Single donor apheresis granulocytes
    7. Buffy coat granulocytes
    8. Cryo-poor plasma
    9. Washed red cells concentrates
    10. Irradiated blood components
    11. Autologous blood products

Special services:

Red cell serology:

  • Red cell antibody screening and identification
  • Full red cell antigen phenotyping
  • Direct and indirect antiglobulin test
  • Investigations for autoimmune disorders (adsorption & elution)
  • Antibody titration facilities

Platelet serology:

  • Platelet antibody screening by solid-phase technique
  • Platelet cross-match facility

Molecular immunohaematology:

  • Red cell genotyping by PCR based methods

Major workload (including numbers):

Year 2018
Year 2019
Year 2020 (till Nov)
Number of Whole blood donation 9930 10465 8381
Number of plateletpheresis performed 505 687 373
Voluntary blood donation % 62.96 % 67.31% 75.12%
Total number of blood components issued for transfusion 22366 23947 17732
Patient’s blood grouping 2795 3648 4099
Patient’s IAT/ Antibody screening 9655 11830 10379
Patient’s DAT 447 431 526
Pre – BMT workup 72 38 25

Teaching programmes:

The department has intra and inter-departmental academic activities with yearly fellowship program. CME programs are held time to time to apprise the staff of the latest developments in the specialty. In addition, the staff  participate in various academic activities organized by other hospitals and professional bodies across the country. The faculty members participate in various interactive academic forums including national and international conferences.

NABH Accreditation:

Soon after the Blood Bank was established, the need for accreditation was felt to ensure that quality standards are practiced. In pursuance of the efforts of the staff along with support from the administration, the Blood Bank acquired the NABH accreditation in 2012.

Future plans:

   – ISBT –  128 implementation in transfusion services

–  Starting DNB course in Transfusion Medicine.


Dr.(Prof.) Sabita Biswas. MD

Dr.(Prof.) Sabita Biswas. MD

Dr. Suvro Sankha Datta. MD

Dr. Suvro Sankha Datta. MD