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Tata Medical Center

The hospital  service has a capacity of 431 beds in a fully air-conditioned facility. 325 beds out of these are Admitting Beds at present. The amenities provided will be consistent with the intensity of care and will comprise the following:

  • General wards – Consists of bays with dormitory beds with individual patient wall panels and piped gas lines
  • Private rooms – Individual rooms with attached toilet and closet, television and refrigerator in addition to all standard medical amenities.
  • Deluxe rooms – Suites that include a separate space for family accommodation.
  • Intensive Care Unit – A fully equipped suite with individual rooms featuring the most modern hemodynamic and functional monitoring system, ventilators with auto-wean features and point of care ultrasound.
  • High Dependency Unit – A step-down facility from the Intensive Care Unit catering to patients who require intense monitoring before transfer to their rooms.
  • Surgical Beds – for post operative patients
  • Bone Marrow Transplant Unit – Nine transplant beds in the first unit of its kind in eastern India.
  • Operation theaters and Recovery ward – eight fully functional OTs and an adjacent recovery ward for careful post-operative monitoring.
  • Day Care Unit – A modern unit for day chemotherapy, short infusions, blood transfusions , short procedures and clinical monitoring.

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