Department of Laboratory Sciences

About the Department:

Our operations began in mid 2011. From around 1,300 tests back then, we have grown to 50,000 monthly tests. Dry chemistry (Vitros) auto-analyzers used for metabolic panels have been upgraded from analog to digital systems, state-of-the-art pre-analytical modules, and a track system. We have carried out scientific work to put in place auto-verification of a part of our routine results (DI/OCD). Automated immunoassays (Cobas), HPLC, semi-automated gel electrophoresis, and a dedicated turbidimetric platform (Binding site) for sFLC assays are other important platforms.

We have a mass spectrometry lab to cater to drug levels and deliver pharmacometric services; unique to hospital labs in this niche area.

Our faculty has presented their research work through publications and presentations at the International and National meetings. Our tests are accredited by NABL.


  • Metabolic panel
  • Tumor marker analysis
  • Immunoassays
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Serum protein electrophoresis and Immunofixation electrophoresis
  • Haemoglobin variant analysis (including glycated haemoglobin) by high performance liquid chromatography
  • Free light chain analysis

Special Procedures / Operations

A dedicated mass spectrometry laboratory provides drug levels of the antifungal drug voriconazole. It also caters to pharmacometric services (Pharmacokinetics and dose adjustment) of busulfan.

Teaching Programmes

Fellowship in Biochemistry (open to MD Biochemists within three years of obtaining their degree, one position)

Diploma in Medical Laboratory technology (six intakes in a year)

Major Workload

On an average, 40,000 – 50,000 tests are performed each month.


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