Department of

Radiology and Imaging Sciences


Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences

About the department:

The Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at Tata Medical Center, Kolkata has all the updated modalities necessary for oncologic imaging, serving the purpose of screening, detection, obtaining diagnosis, guiding therapy, response assessment and follow up of cancer patients.The department has 8 consultants, 12 post-doctoral fellows, several dedicated and trained medical technologists and nursing staff. All modalities are connected by PACS, radiology reporting is done through RIS and is integrated to HMS. The department regularly participates in MDTMs and various academic activities.


  1. PACS integrating all modalities, imaging archive available since 2011, online reporting through RIS, integrated to HMS
  2. Round the clock service for radiography, ultrasonography, CT scan, CathLab
  3. Digital Xray including fluoroscopy, portable Xray: several machines
  4. Ultrasonography: 2D ultrasonography, Colour doppler, Elastography, Contrast enhanced ultrasound, fusion imaging, portable ultrasonography, USG guided procedures such as drainage, FNAC, Biopsy, tumor ablation
  5. Mammography including stereotactic procedures
  6. CT (Two 64-slice CT machines, one 128-slice dual energy CT): Routine brain and body CT scan, multiphasic contrast enhanced CT scan, high resolution CT, perfusion CT, volumetry, CT guided procedures such as drainage, FNAC, Biopsy, tumor ablation
  7. DEXA scan
  8. MRI (Two 3Tesla machines): Advanced MR imaging of brain, neck, spine and body, MR perfusion, MR Elastography, Whole body MRI
  9. CathLab: hepatobiliary, urologic procedures, vascular interventions, vascular access, ablations, pain management

Teaching Programmes

  • Post doctoral Fellowship: Fellowship in Oncoradiology and interventions (post MD/DNB Radiodiagnosis)
  • DRD (Tech): Diploma course for medical technologists

Additional Activities

  • Regular academic activities: classes, journal clubs, case presentations, symposiums
  • Participation in various multidisciplinary team meetings, surgical plannings
  • Several audits, projects, research publications, conference presentations and lectures by faculty and fellows
  • Participation in trials
  • Organization of student teaching programmes, conferences and workshops

Special Procedures

  • Contrast enhanced ultrasonography
  • Fusion imaging
  • USG and CT guided biopsies
  • Mammography
  • Stereotactic biopsies
  • Stereotactic wire localisation
  • Dual Energy CT
  • Volumetry – lung, liver
  • MR Perfusion
  • MR Elastography
  • Whole body MRI
  • CathLab Interventions: TACE, TARE, ablations

Approximate yearly workload

  1. Xray: 12000
  2. Ultrasonography: 10000
  3. USG guided procedures: 4350
  4. Mammography: 4000
  5. CT scans: 22000
  6. CT guided procedures: 1000
  7. DEXA scan: 1000
  8. MRI: 3500
  9. CathLab: 550


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