It may not always be about what we know, but it’s always about how much we care.


To evolve as a State of Art, Self sustainable, Oncology Centre , equipped with latest technology and best expertise in extending standard of care holistic cancer management under one roof with global standards of outcomes and results. To significantly contribute to Education and Research in the field of Oncology and join hands to fight The Battle against Cancer, on a national and International level and take Oncology to newer horizons of success and advancement.

Be a not-for-profit, state-of-the-art, tertiary care, oncology centre, that provides world class, affordable treatment and care to cancer patients.


To deliver comprehensive, ethical Cancer Management in a safe and comfortable environment with a tireless attitude of Compassion, Concern, Cure and Care and to create a high standard of Teaching and Learning, to promote a wide spectrum of academics ,training and research activities in the field of Oncology.

To promote prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, palliation, rehabilitation and care for cancer patients.


The values are derived from the Tata Code of Conduct (TCOC).

Compassion | Integrity | Understanding | Innovation | Excellence | Unity | Responsibility


  1. To provide Multimodality Treatment for all cancers, and cancer related issues, based on globally accepted guidelines and delivered by a highly dedicated and motivated team of Oncologists, specialists and other staff with extensive qualifications and vast experience in their respective fields

  1. To ensure Cancer Care by Disease Management Groups and management planned by Multi Disciplinary Teams to ensure a high standard of treatment, at par with the best Cancer institutes in India and abroad and making use of latest technologies, like Robotic surgery, Minimal access surgery, Reconstruction, Organ Preservation, Bone Marrow Transplant, interventional therapy and other recent advances

  1. Support of well-equipped and modern diagnostic and supportive facilities in depts of Imaging, Lab Sciences,  and Transfusion, which boast of the latest equipment in their armamentarium ,like PACs ,Cytogenetics and component therapy. State of art, modern Operation Theatres and ICU with high standard of critical care delivery. Strong support of an effective infrastructure, including building, equipment and amenities.

  1. Well trained and sincere nurses and paramedicals to extend the best nursing care and supportive management along with efficient and competent Housekeeping and Customer Care staff , working with a compassionate behavior, apt use of soft skills and a helping attitude to facilitate fast recovery .A patient friendly OPD ensuring smooth and streamlined functioning and fast movement, with speedy and hassle-free conduction of various activities ,round the clock.

  1. Safe, comfortable, spacious and healthy campus with clean wards and Depts and a salubrious ambience. Visit and stay for patients and attendants facilitated by the best standards of engineering services, Building Management System, Security and Catering Services.

  1. Written protocols for uniform practice to ensure effective treatment and periodic audits and reviews to decrease morbidity and mortality to achieve results comparable with those of other similar national and international cancer hospitals

  1. Understanding and catering to the needs of the patients and their attendants and implementing measures to achieve a great level of positive patient response and clientele satisfaction

  1. A high standard of supportive care for effective prehabilitation and rehabilitation, in terms of Clinical Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Stoma care, counselling , Pain management, Psycho oncology therapy and Palliation

  1. Robust and updated Hospital Management System and Medical Records, for real time capturing of data and patient management records to enable data collection, retrieval and analysis for improving documentation and patient management Training, drills, audits, and use of systems and mechanisms for a high standard of quality assurance and monitoring of quality indices, in all aspects of patient care.

  2. Provisioning of funds from various Govt and private agencies and donors, through dedicated MSW staff, to facilitate treatment for the underprivileged patients and for expensive treatment. Home away from Home as a Hygienic and comfortable boarding and lodging facility, for patients and their relatives, at Premashraya at highly subsidized rates, for patients needing long term outdoor treatment.



All of us in the TATA Group are the inheritors of a legacy of creating institutions that make a difference to the world we live in. The doctrine of social responsibility as professed by our founder was and will continue to be the central theme of the Tata way of business.


Mr.Ratan Tata
Chairman Emeritus, Tata Sons


You Can Help

TMC has a very active Medical social Work department, which provides financial aid to the underprivileged patients for their cancer treatment, through NGOs, and other organisations and donors. You can help us with your generous donation and make a difference too.

  1. Strong finance and HR depts to provide financial viability and a healthy and motivated work atmosphere. An effective system of governance for smooth functioning of the hospital with transparency and resolution for non-tolerance to financial irregularities and professional misconduct and strict adherence to Prudence and Propriety in all aspects of patient care and hospital administration. A safe work environment, with leadership and cohesive verticals and horizontals, ensuring dignity of staff and safety of women and focusing on the physical ,mental, emotional health and intellectual and academic growth of all employees
  2. Creating a platform for academics with knowledge enhancement by providing opportunities to all, to improve their skills and qualifications, with structured academic programmes, and trainings in the hospital and at other institutes, in India and abroad. Contribution to the national pool of HCWs by the various Degree and Diploma courses for medicals and paramedicals and ensuring best possible medical education and results.
  1. Provide the Tata Translational Cancer Research Centre with material and data for Cancer Research and encourage, conduct and facilitate research and publications for all, in various aspects of cancer care to update and improve Oncological services.
  1. To be involved in the community, for cancer awareness and detection by Reach out programmes, camps and in house clinics for Prevention and Early detection of Cancer.
  2. To keep alive the legacy of the Tata Hospitals, in extending holistic and affordable cancer care with highest expertise and latest technology and maintaining enviable standards of Quality and treatment outcomes.

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