Department of

Thoracic Surgery

Department of Thoracic Surgery

About the Department:

The Thoracic Surgery service at Tata Medical Center, Kolkata provides comprehensive surgical care for patients with thoracic malignancies. We provide comprehensive multi-disciplinary management of primary lung cancers, tumours of the airway, esophageal cancer, mediastinal tumours and tumours of the chest wall and pleura.

At TMC, we are able to provide accurate and detailed pathological diagnoses, tumour molecular profiling, cancer staging, and personalized treatment plans for all patients.

A large number of lung cancer resections are performed using minimally invasive approaches, including most of the resections for early-stage cancers. The minimally invasive methods allow surgery to be offered to people with medical conditions that make more traditional open procedures risky.

In addition to surgery, the department also offers endo-bronchial interventions including endo-bronchial ultrasound and airway stenting.

A significant number of esophageal resections are also performed using minimally invasive techniques, which provide a more satisfying outcome for the patients.

Our Thoracic Surgery service collaborates with a fully integrated, multidisciplinary team of experts to treat each patient’s cancer — including surgeons, medical oncologists, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, physiotherapists, clinical nutritionists and more.

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