Paediatric Haematology and Oncology

Paediatric Haematology and Oncology (TMCKids)

About the department:

TMCKids looks after children with cancer, aged 18 years and younger. We have 7 consultant staff, with expertise in different aspects of childhood cancer. The department benefits from a bespoke research unit at the Tata Translational Cancer Research Centre with an in-house clinical trials unit. We have an advanced programme for acute haematological malignancies, the commonest cancers in children. We have extensive links with other centres in India and abroad and we provide modern, evidence based medical care for our patients.

Facilities Available

The paediatric in-patient facility is a state-of-the art 40 bedded unit with HEPA filtered and negative pressure isolation rooms. There is an integrated Paediatric Onco-Critical Care Unit, a Day Care ward, a patient waiting area and a play room. The unit is supported by St. Jude India Child Care Centre which provides free long term accommodation for children in close proximity to the hospital. A bone marrow transplant program is shared with adult haematology. There are dedicated clinics for children with different malignancies as well as benign disorders. Multidisciplinary management of complex tumours benefits from in-house expertise. These include bone and soft tissue sarcomas, brain tumours and other paediatric solid tumours. Comprehensive retinoblastoma services are provided in conjunction with two neighbouring tertiary eye hospitals. Support services include a dedicated social service programme, paediatric nutritionist, and play therapists.

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