Patient Rights

  • Right to have considerate, respectful & safe care.
  • Right to know about diagnosis, possible treatments, likely and unexpected outcomes & cost of treatment.
  • Right to consent to or refuse a treatment, as permitted by law.
  • Right to privacy & confidentiality of medical information.
  • Right to seek alternate medical option.
  • Right to practice own religious belief without hampering treatment.
  • Right to access clinical records & maintain confidentiality.
  • Right to make complaints/suggestions.
  • right to consent or decline to take part in clinical research.

Patient Responsibilities

  • To provide correct and detailed history of your health problem to your doctor.
  • To follow the treatment plans established by the consultant doctor, nurse & healthcare professionals.
  • To be aware that you are solely responsible for the consequences in case of discontinuation of treatment prescribed by the care provider during the hospital stay.
  • To understand that in case you leave against medical advice it will be at your own risk.