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Anaesthesia, Critical care and Pain


About the Department

The Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain in Tata Medical Center has successfully provided anaesthesia services, perioperative care, pain management and life-support for cancer patients in intensive care since its inception.

Our team includes pool of consultants, clinical associates, postgraduate fellows, medical officers and technologists. The Department provides anaesthesia services for seven onco-surgical sub-specialties including robotic-anaesthesia. We provide round-the-clock consultant-based anaesthesia services for emergency surgical patients. We also have a robust ‘Pain Management Unit’ that covers for acute postoperative pain services, outpatient clinics for chronic cancer pain management and various pain interventions.


Clinical Anaesthesia

  • The unit is equipped with latest advanced technology to boost up routine clinical anaesthesia management including :
  • Pre-Anaesthesia Checkup Clinic (PAC clinic)
  • Modern anaesthesia workstations,
  • Advanced gadgets for difficult airway management,
  • Patient safety monitors
  • Hemodynamic monitoring
  • Anaesthesia-depth monitoring (Bispectral-Index)
  • Ventilators
  • Ultrasound for vascular access, nerve-blocks, alcohol/neurolysis etc
  • radio-frequency ablation,

Intensive Care

  • Electronically controlled ICU beds
  • Multichannel monitor for monitoring patient’s pulse, ECG rhythm, blood pressure, central venous pressure, respiratory rate and pattern etc.
  • Advanced ventilators with different modes
  • Advanced haemodynamic monitors,
  • Airway adjuncts including fibreoptic bronchoscope
  • Haemodialysis machine

Covid Care:

The anesthesia and Critical Care team look after critically ill Covid patients in isolation area.

Acute Pain Services

  • Round-the-clock anaesthesia fellow guided by consultant responds to all acute pain issues
  • Protocol-based management, which involves use of multimodal analgesia including patient-controlled intravenous/ epidural analgesia, continuous peripheral nerve block and parenteral analgesic adjuncts etc.

Chronic Pain Management

  • A pain clinic for evaluation and management of cancer pain which includes pharmacological, non-pharmacological or interventional.
  • The post pain-intervention care is by our APS-team.

Non-Operating Room Anaesthesia Services:

Various diagnostic/ therapeutic procedures in MRI suite, endoscopic room, interventional pulmonology procedures, radiation therapy unit and cath-lab for interventional radiological procedures.

Code-blue Respone team:

Anesthesia fellows and medical officers take the lead role in code-blue response team, which is responsible for CPR and post-CPR care for all patients throughout the hospital.

Administrative Role:

The dept consultants are involved in various hospital organisational committees such as hospital safety, infection control, hospital drug and therapeutics, transfusion committee, radiation safety, code blue, DNB, NABH, sexual harracement, OT committee etc.

Major workload

The department facilitates 350-400 onco-surgeries in various sub-specialties naming gastro-onco, gynaec-onco, head-neck, uro-onco, plastic and reconstructive, thoracic-onco, breast, paediatric and robotic etc. for scheduled/emergent surgical intervention every month.

Critical care unit presently comprised of 31 beds. It is divided into medical ICU (10 beds), surgical ICU (11 beds) and High Dependency Unit (10 beds). All the medical beds are isolated unit to prevent cross infection. Critical care unit also taking care of critically ill Covid patients in isolation area and other sick patients in the ward on request.

Teaching and Research Programme

The Department of Anaesthesiology, Critical and Pain, offers academic-training and research. We impart fellowship in Onco-Anesthesia, Critical Care and Cancer Pain management accredited by Indian College of Anaesthesiologists. The process of accreditation for IDCCM and DNB is going on. We also conduct WBHUS accredited Diploma in OT Technology (DOTT) course and Diploma for ICU technician is underway.

The morbidity meets, active audit system and consultant-based innovative practices have formed the very basis of clinical and research practices. In addition, our consultants and fellows get actively involved in subspecialty anaesthesiology conferences (National/International) as delegates/presenters (platform, poster)/invited faculty/ lectures). Our consultants also play an important role in various state and national professional organisations as office-bearers.

The Department trains all senior and junior doctors of the hospital on “simulation-based Basic Life support training methods.” We conduct annual CME and training programs such as aduld difficult airway management (ADAM) workshop, mechanical ventilation, haemodynamic monitoring and regional anaesthesia (TRAC-Tata Regional Anaesthesia Course). These are extremely popular and well attended teaching and training programs.

Fellowship programs in Anaesthesia, Critical care & Pain

• 2 year TMC fellowship in Oncoanaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain
• 1 year ICA accredited fellowship in Oncoanaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain
• 1 year TMC fellowship in Onco Critical Care


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