PRAYASH TMC-NICPR-ECHO Online Cancer Screening Training Program

Cancer Screening Training Program for Health Professionals : Cervix, Breast and Oral Cancer (CST – HP 9)

Date: 20th Apr 2024 -20th Jul 2024 Saturdays (12:00pm – 1:30pm).

Last Date of Registration: 19/04/2024

Registration fees: Rs.750

Who can participate: All medical officers ( MBBS/AYUSH) at various health facilities across  India both in private and government sector.


Tata Medical Center (TMC) in collaboration with National Institute for Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR)aims impart training in early detection and prevention of cervical, breast and oral cancers to medical professionals.

Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a collaborative medical education model that aims to build workforce capacity in rural and underserved areas. Project ECHO links expert specialist teams at an academic hub with primary care clinicians in local communities where primary care clinicians receive mentoring and feedback from specialists. Together, they manage patient cases so that patients get the care they need.

“PRAYASH” TMC ECHO is a cancer prevention initiative targeted to educate, train and empower medical health professionals thereby increasing thetaskforce capacity to provide best-practice cancer care and reduce health disparities in the community.

Courses & Target Audience

1.Cancer Screening Training Program for Health Professionals ( CST – HP 9)

Participants : Graduate (MBBS or any of the AYUSH streams) working at a private or public sector PHC, clinic, nursing home or any other health facility, where s/he’ll be able to implement cancer-screening services at the community level or intends to offer these services in the future

Course Highlight

  1. Weekly online training module for 14 – 15 weeks.
  2. Didactics on these cancers for prevention and early detection.
  3. Opportunity for case presentations and discussion of management.
  4. Interactive sessions with national and international experts in the field.

Course Goals & Objectives

  1. Enhanced knowledge on cervical, breast and oral cancer screening.
  2. Increased ability for diagnosis,management and appropriate referral of cancer patients.
  3. Opportunity for professional growth and knowledge.


Laptop / smartphone / tablet / desktop with webcam, good internet connectivity and microphone-speaker.

Contact Us

Email :


ECHO lead: Dr Sonia Mathai and Dr Jaydip Bhaumik

Experts/Specialist/Facilitators: (cervix, breast, oral cancers)

  1. Gynecological oncology : Dr. Jaydip Bhaumik, Dr. Sonia Mathai
  2. Breast oncology : Dr. Roshina Ahmed, Dr Sanjit Agarwal, Dr Abhishek Sharma, Dr. Shagun  Mahajan
  3. Head and Neck oncology : Dr. Prateek Jain, Dr. Asif Ahmed
  4. Behavioural Oncology and Tobacco cessation: Dr. Soumitra Shankar Datta

Guest speakers/experts will be included on invitation for the didactic lectures

Program Coordinators

  1. Ms Barnali Ghosh
  2. Ms Shrabanti Sarkar Ghosh


E-Certificates will be provided for medical officers on completion of online training of cervical, breast and oral cancer.

The criteria to receive the “Certificate of Completion” includes:

  1. Attending at least 10 sessions (of the 14).
  2. A minimum of one case presentation is mandatory.
  3. A minimum score of 80% in post training assessment (online)


Registration Fees for CST-HP9: Rs. 750

This course only has a limited number of places available. Kindly send us an email including name, designation, hospital and city/district to register.

Email :

Payment can be made by online transfer. Confirmation of participation is only possible after the payment has been realized.

Extremely well presented session because of the emotional engagement and empathy endorsements…

Vibrant session… Very detailed presentations which were really informative…

Time again I think this course was very informative and changed certain perspectives as a clinician and grateful to our faculty who are niche yet kind easy accessible and willing to share their knowledge without any airs. Hats off to the team and many thanks….

Highly satisfied with this sessions , enriching myself day by day from clinical aspect, Thanks for such a productive session.

The 5 cases presented and asked questions along with was great learning source…

Hysterectomy not required is a revelation. It is such a common practice. How dies women even get to know that? Not sure how to get across with thus message. Very practical approach to cancer screening!

Thank you for all your efforts and we look forward for more such training programs that help many health care professionals as well as the public.

The session was really good especially the break out room discussion. Excellent conversation about the psychology of an cancer patient.

Prof. (Dr) Aruna. D.S. a Dental Public Health Professional and Tobacco Cessation Specialist from Bengaluru is expressing Gratitude to “PRAYASH” TMC ECHO for their Cancer prevention initiative targeted to educate, train and empower medical health professionals. This training narrowed my Professional Isolation as this module focused on 3 common Cancers in India- Oral, Breast and Cervical Cancer.  I am sharing personal experience on How knowledge and skills imparted to me during PRAYASH TMC-ECHO’s Cancer Screening Training Program for Medical Officers (CSTP-MO1) to provide best practice in cancer helped my Mother in reporting Breast Cancer.

Despite clinical advancement in management of Breast Cancer in India the survival rates go unparallel due to delay in Cancer diagnosis. This holds good for my Mother who is 74-year-old having favourable socio demographic indicators a double graduate with family members who are doctors and residing in urban area with accessible tertiary medical services. She felt lump in her left breast for past 6 months and denied to act on risk of suspicious cancer considering it to be like the less troublesome one diagnosed as fibroadenoma in her right breast which was surgically excised 28 years back.  Pain and distress associated with two orthopaedic surgeries during past 7 years, Concern about what doctor may find, COVID situation, fear of surgery, chemotherapy and asymptomatic nature without any disability in performing day to day activities were also the factors for risk denial.

The didactic, case presentation and expert opinion sharing best practices for management during breast cancer session empowered me to circulate breast cancer prevention IEC material from credible sources on early cancer detection as stage of presentation is a crucial factor for patient survival.  IEC material on What breast cancer can look and feel like, self-breast examination video by India against Cancer in Hindi language to educate about early cancer symptoms, promoting self-examination of breast, where and when to seek timely medical intervention were shared with my family and friends group highlighting October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This was game changer for her to act.

On seeing the IEC, she reported to me about the lump in her left breast and on local examination it was of hard consistency and I took her for Mammogram immediately. When Mammogram indicated malignancy without any delay, I had teleconsultation with Breast cancer oncologist in one of tertiary cancer speciality hospitals followed by PET SCAN, FNAC which were suggestive of Carcinoma Left Breast. Now transition from cancer denial to acceptance of cancer risk, compliance to surgical and further advised cancer management is seen in my mother within a span of 15 days. She is a stimulus for change among her contemporaries for utilising breast cancer screening facilities and periodic self-examination of breast.

Thanks to joint ventures of ICMR – National Institute Cancer Prevention and Research, “PRAYASH”- TMC ECHO with smart goals for empowering me in Cancer Prevention and hope to incorporate cancer screening for my patients in collaboration with other health care specialists.

ECHO: Feedback Testimonials

Out of my all ECHO learning sessions… including NIMHANS  and NICPR, yours was the best… really!

The TMC Echo training program has been very useful for us in terms of learning screening and  way of teaching was really appreciable, also you have provided us with the material for the theoretical as well as practical images. Also pre and post session questionaries were helpful for self-assessment.

As health care Professionals we all believe in Prevention is better than cure. Screening of Cancer and early detection of Cancer will definitely help to plan proper treatment. This program has given us a lot of insights not only on screening of Cancer but also on how communication and documentation play a vital part . I take this opportunity to thank the entire TEAM for PRAYASH which definitely made a difference in our Professional approach towards Cancer treatment.

It was a very informative 14 weeks , got very good insight on screening of the 3 most common cancer and all the teachers were excellent.

The program was very interesting and informative.

Very informative session, I did get a chance to learn about screening procedures and treatment procedures.

Thank you so much. It was really a wonderful experience. Kudos to the whole team.

Thanks a lot for the enlightening sessions will be very helpful in my practice and also thank you for taking patient time to clear our doubts in an elucidated way, was and am looking forward for such sessions more in future. At times the knowledge and compassion as well as eagerness to share their immense clinical experiences of the learned faculty was so evident we can perceive right through.

The sessions conducted by TMC Echo training programme was v interesting & informative. Thanks to Dr Jaydip, Dr Sonia, Dr Rosina Ahmed, Dr Abhijit Sharma and other doctors for their wonderful lectures. Also my sincere thanks to TMC staff for conducting the program so well.

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