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Observership at Tata Medical Center

Tata Medical Center

Tata Group believes in making a difference to the society we live in. As an institution it is not possible for Tata Medical Center to reach to every nook and corner of the country, but we believe that if we can train some professionals in the basic premises of cancer management and share our expertise with them, they may duly observe and implement these practises at their home town/ parent organizations thereby leading to a wider reach of the services of Tata Medical Center.

Such observership may vary from observations of the processes to a hands-on-training of these practises. However, prior to doing a hands on training, it is essential for the observers to do a basic serology tests before handling any patients and/or laboratory material related to the patient care/services. It is also mandatory that the concerned professional must hold the necessary qualifications, certificates and registration as applicable before joining such observership/hands on training programme.

Please note that such observership programmes are not formal courses and may/may not have any structured material and the concerned observer will have to pick up the skills by observation only. It is a skill enhancement programme where the observer will be benefitted based on his/her keenness to learn the necessary skills and his/her involvement in the programme.

Professionals who wish to observe the clinical processes may get in touch with the respective HODs/Consultants in the respective specialties to gain further insight into the Observership programme run by each department.

Please understand that acceptance of candidates for observership will be based on the vacancy in the Rota of the department where the candidate has applied for observership.

Any expenses related to the Observership programme will have to be borne by the observers only.

Please mention the department in which you wish to do your observership and apply online by clicking on this link.

Internship at Tata Medical Center

Students and graduates looking to gain relevant skills and experience in a particular professional field may apply for an internship position at Tata Medical Center.

These internship positions are short term and un-paid. It is essential that the prospective intern has the necessary qualification to work as an intern in the said department. It is expected that the intern will bring a no-objection certificate from the institution where he/she is studying or where he/she is attached for undergoing the said internship.

Based on the vacancy in the Rota of the department for which the intern is applying, we consider applications in the following departments.

  • Customer Care/Operations/Patient Services
  • Human Resources
  • Quality
  • Bio Medical
  • Medical Records
  • Clinical Services (Mention the specialty of your interest)

Please mention the department in which you wish to do your internship and apply online by clicking on this link.

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