From Alam Ara to VFX,
A journey of Technology evolution highlighting advances in Immunohistochemistry

Tata Medical Center Kolkata (TMCK) in association with International Academy of Pathology-Indian Division (IAP-ID)

This workshop is intended for Post – MD Registrars / Sr Residents / Fellows / Junior Faculty in Departments of Pathology and Bio-Medical Scientist (PhD) who have an interest in Applied Immunohistochemistry and its advances. Taking parallel to the journey of theatrics from black and white silent movies to the current day 3D and VFX technology,the science of  immunohistochemistry has taken a giant leap from mere detection of antigen-antibody reactions by monochrome to applications in diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic markers as well as detecting several antigens at a time using multiple chromogens. The present workshop aims to behold and learn from this amazing journey of evolution of the science of immunohistochemistry.

The Workshop will be a two day hands-on program, designed to provide a basic understanding of immunohistochemical techniques. The workshop will familiarize attendees with  the infra-structure, equipment and consumables that are required in setting-up and validation of immunohistochemical stains along with recent advances. In addition, one of the workshops will be dedicated to cytogenetics and one to advanced immunohistochemical techniques  like multiplex IHC.

There will be five workshops (details of each has been described in Program Details) and attendees can opt to participate in three of them. This will be followed by lecture sessions from eminent international and national faculties the next day.

The work-shop will emphasize on the fact that at the end of this program the attendees should be able to set-up, validate and interpret various immunohistochemical stains of diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic value along with learning of advanced immunohistochemical techniques.


GROUP 1: Workshop A, C, E  (Microscope based, FISH, Next Gen. IHC)

GROUP 2: Workshop A, B, E  (Microscope based, Learning with machines, Next Gen. IHC)

GROUP 3: Workshop A, D, E (Microscope based, Advanced IHC technique, Next Gen. IHC)

GROUP 4: Workshop B, C, D  (Learning with machines, FISH, Advanced IHC technique)

GROUP 5: Workshop B, C, E (Learning with machines, FISH, Next Gen. IHC)

GROUP 6: Workshop B, D, E  (Learning with machines, Advanced IHC technique, Next Gen. IHC)

Please note: Limited seats are available for each workshop that will be allotted on first come first serve basis.

Organising Committee

PATRON      Dr. Pattatheyil Arun
ADVISOR    Dr. Sanjay Kapoor
CHAIRPERSONS      Dr. (Col.) Deepak Kumar Mishra  |   Dr. Geetashree Mukherjee
                                                      Dr. Indu Arun   | Dr. Divya Midha
                                                        Dr. Lateef Zameer | Dr. Mayur Parihar
                                                      Dr. Bhagat Singh Lali  | Dr. Shivani Sarkar

Dates to remember:

5th – 6th May, 2023

Venue: Auditorium Phase II,

Tata Medical Center Kolkata, India

Contact Us

Mr. Subhas Dey, Mob: +919088082294

Email ID:

Address: Tata Medical Center, 14 MAR (EW), Rajarhat, New Town, Kolkata -700160, West Bengal, India, Phone: 033-66058130

Please Note:

GROUP 1, 2 & 3 has already been filled up and closed for registration.

HURRY UP seats are filling fast!!


<Center>Dr. Andrew Bellizzi</Center>

Dr. Andrew Bellizzi

(Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center, Iowa City, USA)

<Center>Dr. Anita Borges</Center>

Dr. Anita Borges

(Centre for Oncopathology, Mumbai)

<Center>Dr. Anita S Bhaduri</Center>

Dr. Anita S Bhaduri

(PD Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai

<Center>Dr. Sandeep R. Mathur</Center>

Dr. Sandeep R. Mathur

(All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi)

<Center>Dr. Tanuja Shet</Center>

Dr. Tanuja Shet

(Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai)

<Center>Dr. Amanjit Bal</Center>

Dr. Amanjit Bal

(Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh)

<Center>Dr. Rajiv Kumar Kaushal</Center>

Dr. Rajiv Kumar Kaushal

(Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai)

<Center>Dr. Shilpa Prabhudesai</Center>

Dr. Shilpa Prabhudesai

(Centre for Oncopathology, Mumbai)

<Center>Dr. Regan Fulton</Center>

Dr. Regan Fulton

(Array Science, USA)

<Center>Dr. Indranil Chakrabarty</Center>

Dr. Indranil Chakrabarty

(All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Kalyani)

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