Patient safety in operation theatre

INTRODUCTION: Patient safety should be given priority in national, regional and local politics and health programmes. Every patient has the right to receive health services that correspond to current medical knowledge. A patient has also a right to be safe and enjoy safe conditions while being provided health services.

Approximately 234 million of surgeries are carried out worldwide per year.

Patient safety in the hospital is one of the most elementary goals of professional care. Most recent global studies report that 770 thousand patients are involved in various accidents every year that result from medical errors.

An operating theatre is where complex and highly specialized surgical procedures are performed in line with state-of-the art procedures and applicable standards. This is why surgical staff is required to constantly improve their qualifications and pursue personal growth. Work and competence of therapeutic team, quantity and quality of medical equipment all have impact on the quality of surgeries performed. This is why the most significant issue is to ensure maximum safety using specialist knowledge of the staff and capability of the operating theatre.


  • To draw attention to the role of therapeutic team in ensuring safety of a patient in the operating
  • To sharpen the Operation Theatre nurses knowledge about the General OT Guidelines and patient
  • To improve the staff awareness in surgical patient positioning, equipment handling, surgical count and
  • To enhance the knowledge of clinical nurses about anesthesia in Operation
  • To improve the staff capabilities in handling professional stress and its positive impact on patient
  • To strengthen the Nursing Clinical Research in Patient
  • To explore the relationship between the patient safety culture and reported sentinel
  • To enhance general awareness and disseminate the learning about mitigation

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